Sunday, 26 December 2010

The 12th at Laval

The Tenth of 11 Par Fours

The holes continue to go from longest to shortest.

The last two holes are designed to be reachable with one on each nine. This one will take some impressive length and creativity, but is potentially reachable. The last hole is easily reachable but will require a lot of courage.
We have to return one last time to the more open area and less inspiring section of the site. This time the land has more elevation but unfortunately that mainly occurs right in front of the tee. On the right side there is a large mature stand of Maples. On the left side there are a few clusters of younger trees but everything begins to flatten and the trees become sporadic. The one feature that caught our attention was the hill behind the last tree line which would make a great turning point with a hole doglegging to the right.
Since we had little to work with, the hole was going to have to be created in order to achieve something special. We already were going to move earth on the adjacent holes so continuing the landforms through all of these holes would allow us to work in a large enough scale where a shared landform could be made to appear natural. So we needed a concept of what the ideal short four would be like and it principally came down to a diagonal bank that had to be carried off the tee with an elevated landing that banked to the right.
So we made all the changes necessary to create our ideal hole. We elevated our tees by extending the plateau that includes the par four where we created the elevated green. We then extended the valley up the right hand side of the hole to create a valley to be carried over from the tee. Some of the cut from the valley went to the hill on the left to widen out the form and create a larger roll to turn the hole from.
The left side of the ridge was softened to allow shots to run up and onto the plateau whereas the right side was made steep and loaded up with deep bunkers to put a premium on the carry from the tee. Rather than one continuous diagonal carry line, the bunkering was stepped back slightly to make the premium go up exponentially as you get closer to the green. If you can find the light blue box, you will reach the green since all the slopes take the ball onto the green.
Even the green falls from left to right which will help a tee shot reach the green, but also complicate approach shots. Players will likely find a bounce in approach is the one that turns out to be most effective.
We set out to build a hole where the player is clearly encouraged to take on far more risk than they should. We wanted a hole that could be attacked without fear, but at your own peril.

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