Monday, 27 December 2010

2010 - 2020 What will happen this Decade?

He might not build a course!

The economic fallout from the Banking Crisis did more to change golf architecture than fashion or popularity. This decade will see only a handful of well financed, well thought out, realistic business models getting built. The Minimalist movement will completely dominate golf course architecture since it makes more economic sense and continues to garner critical support. Golf is in recession and this will be a the final catalyst for a change in styles.
Golf will continue go through hard times this decade but eventually there will be more building. As with all new cycles it will begin with more sensible economic models. The more ambitious projects won't come till the end of the decade. The driving force in new projects will no longer be real estate – ending the dominance of the brand name designer.
I originally assumed that Tiger Woods was to become the biggest designer in the game, but between the change in economics and his transgressions, there's now a better than even chance he does not build a course this decade. The dominant architect of this decade is going to be someone who is busy even now. He will have a small office, loves to run a dozer and would be classified a minimalist. His influence is the philosophies and principles of the Golden Age. I would predict that it's going to be Gil Hanse.


  1. Andrew, this is a great sequence, thank you.

    I'm signing up at a local CC with my young family, and have been researching the architect, Deverault Emmet. The course, McGregor Links in Saratoga had a few props from architects, but isn't on any national list.

    From what I can tell, Emmet is more from the strategic school, which based on you are saying, is good news for me, the player.

    As for Gil Hanse, I just Grounds for Golf out of the library, a book on understanding the intent behind course architecture, and the sketches are by Hanse. I'll be on the lookout for his courses.

    Thanks for sharing your thougts

  2. thank you Ian a really valuable series of historical importance I will start from the beginning and if you could advise more reading material I'd appreciate it the stories about Aussie golf really interests me I was an avid golfer and did some work on courses 35 years ago but not able to do much these