Sunday, 26 December 2010

The 2nd at Laval

By now many of you will recognize a theme, there is never a limitation on length, but the further up you try and get the more important accuracy becomes. This is a fundamental philosophy that Mike and I share. That length should always have an advantage as long as it is combined with accuracy.
The hole is to be built on a fairly flat part of the property. The hole is entirely surrounded by large mature trees from the tee to the green. The key to this hole is position from the tee. The massive Maple on the right defines the right corner of the hole since it can not be carried from the tee, making the tree the key to the hole. The left side is defined by the position of the pond. The further up the hole you come the closer the pond comes into play creating a tighter landing area the further you try and play. The average player can play short of the neck and have lots of room for their tee shots, as can the better player if they are willing to accept a longer approach.
The green was angled slightly to the right to reward a player willing to play tighter to the pond. The initial idea was to flank the green and have a steep fall off on the back. Like the previous hole, the concept was based upon some elegant work by Willie Park Jr. although in this instance Maidstone.
The only change we made to the hole after the initial walk around was to pull the right bunker further in front to create a little more challenge and improve the aesthetics of the green site.
The green is simple and so are the concepts for the hole. Once again context played a role in the decisions since the next green site represents one of the most aggressive and intimidating of all. Having a very subtle and low profile green was done here to fit the site but it also makes a wonderful contrast to the next green which will look even more intimidating in comparison.

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