Sunday, 26 December 2010

Celtic Manor 2010 Course


Seen from above - lots of water and a modern design

The 2010 course was very typical of recent modern golf courses designed to hold a tournament. Everything is designed to be fair, clearly seen from the tee and the greens are set up to handle extremely fast and dry conditions. The ideal approach is almost always in the air and the running game has been largely taken away by elevated greens, the placement of bunkers and the constant use of water to front greens. 2010 is a course that is clearly from the Modern School of Golf Design.

The golf course is nice but it lacked excitement because you play for position or percentage all round. There are some decisions to make at 2010, but the constant pinching of landings meant any smart player would simply lay back because there was no percentage in playing into the neck. I found there was no real need to be creative since every shot was so clearly defined by what you had to do.

The golf course was fine, but not what I came to play.

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