Sunday, 26 December 2010

Elm Ridge Bunkers


The 6th where the right bunkers were relocated 20 feet closer to the green

This fall we renovated the green side bunkers on the South Course at Elm Ridge. We have used a combination of detail work, rebuilding and reclamation to bring the bunkers back to life. I always thought that the original bunkers by William (William Flynn’s construction Forman at Shinnecock Hills) and David Gordon were pretty good, but needed some work to make them much more interesting.


The 10th green

The reaction to work has been overwhelming and probably the most positive reaction that I’ve got in some time. On some greens we used much of what was there and on others it required some significant work to bring interest to the bunkers back. The 11th is a good example of change. The left bunker was built by combining the two round bunkers together and establishing a new and more interesting interior line for character. The picture below shows the original form with the bunker that will be removed.


The 11th green completed

I expect the work to continue next year with the fairway bunkers

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