Sunday, 26 December 2010

Laval Presentation

Proposed 14th

What a fascinating presentation from many levels. The first was the entire presentation with the small exception of the video by Mike and the comments I made was done in French. I don’t speak French, so I spent the entire evening getting an abbreviated version from the golf superintendent as the presentation was given.

The video that Mike made to open the presentation was edited to include many of the before and afters images while he spoke about those holes. They were presented as original photos that merged slowly into the new image. Very cool! Each matched the exact moments that Mike spoke of an example of what we were doing on that specific hole to explain the philosophy. The video presentation was excellent and is something I plan to incorporate going forward.

The presentation was done by three members. The first member ( a very well known man) presented why this was good for the future of the club. The green’s chair (same one I’ve always had and the man who joined Mike and me for the walk around) presented the design (yes it was presented in French and was not presented by me!). The final presentation was on the clubs financial position and how the work would be paid for. This is all pretty standard stuff really, except for the fact that I did not present the design. That was frustrating, but the reasoning was strictly about language and the ability for the membership to better understand the proposal much easier in their native tongue. They’ve had my English version on line for a few weeks now and the links to the blogs on here.

Proposed 3rd

There were comments against and as usual they were from older members not wanting change or to lose the flexibility of tee times. There were just as many from other members old and young who supported the change. The presentation was very well met and the buzz in the room was largely positive. My key role was explaining the timing and impact on the membership.

 I spent time answering questions after the presentation. The members all love the notion of recovery shots and the idea that the high handicaps will be able to play many recovery shots with a putter. There were a lot of very positive comments about the design. They gave me the indication that the design is not in question.

There is a lot of confidence that this will be well received and the vote will go through. The concern is not a majority, but rather a majority large enough to allow the project to proceed next year. The vote comes in early October and it will be the day that I most anticipate this year.

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