Sunday, 26 December 2010


The amazing 4th 

Victoria opens with a bang. The opener is a short and “very” reachable par four where my playing partner Mike Clayton opened up with a 2!
Victoria then proceeds out through a series of incredibly similar par fours before finding the first of 4 uphill par threes. The first par three is a knock out, an uphill hole to a plateau green surrounded by bunkers and severe fall offs. It’s truly a great all or nothing par three of incredible merit. This is my favourite hole of all the holes at Victoria.
We again return to the boundary and continue with another similar par four before heading to the interior. The interior is where the holes begin to improve as the terrain gets better. The 7th is another solid three, but is once again up hill, just like the remaining two do as well. It’s a shame that not one plays on even ground or downhill.
The 8th green 

The first instance of interesting land is at the 8th green. The course picks up at this point and the next set of holes use the interior rolls to add a bit more character. None of the holes stand out as a must see, but each are interesting and the elevated green on the 11th is my favourite of the group. The back nine fours are better than the front having more variety in the land. The final one is a short drivable four and the standout of the bunch.
The one surprising aspect about Victoria is the fact that not much stands out. The golf is solid, the holes are good, and they are one of the only clubs to remove the understory that plagues Australia, but nothing leaves you breathless. Victoria is solid, very straight forward, a great championship course, but not a strong source of new architectural ideas.

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