Thursday, 20 January 2011

10 Best Greens - 6th at Crystal Downs

The slopes are show from the approach angle
The 6th green at Crystal Downs is the famous boomerang green. The green was conceived by Alister Mackenzie and built by Perry Maxwell. I can’t think of two architects who consistently built better greens and this may be their most creative composition.
I have never seen another more original green that works as well as this one does. The day I played there I placed 12 tees on the green to represent every possible pin position that I 
Approach to Green - Courtesy of Golf Blog 100
could think of. While a couple took some trial and error to figure out, there was not a single pin that I could not get a ball to from any part of the green. The key reason is the left mound.
The green is broken into two sections. An upper bowl tucked in the back and a lower bowl out front. The connection is made by a long valley narrow valley with high sides. The area does have pin 
The right side mound is the key feature
potential but most occasions find the pin up or back. The valley section of the green is the area where the green makes a complete right turn and represents the transition between two major pin areas. The start of the valley has a subtle shelf leaving the lower bowl but otherwise the green slowly rises to the back.
The key to the green is the roll on the left. The roll has enough size “and length” so that a putt from either bowl can be slung up onto the high slopes and “boomeranged” around the corner into the either bowl. Most putts simply need to find the correct line on this feature to make the transition, but the slope on the left side of the back bowl certainly can be utilized too.

The back bowl
This is the one green that I’m unlikely to ever use or copy, but it does offer a clear lesson that if any feature either hazard or landform juts into a green the feature on the outside edge must be bold enough to create some clever options for not only feeding the ball around the feature but to also make the putt possible. That is the joy of the green at Crystal Downs you know that you can potentially make the putt.

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  1. The boomerang green is the 7th hole, not the sixth