Thursday, 13 January 2011

Laval Announcement?

Somehow I knew this news might break when I'm away.

First up, Lorne Rubenstein wrote a recent article about Laval.

In the article it announces that, "Mike Weir and his design partner Ian Andrew will redo the Laval-sur-le-Lac Club’s Blue course near Montreal."

It goes on to say, “It’s going to happen,” Laval’s greens chairman Remi Racine, a Montreal businessman, told The Globe and Mail Tuesday. “The club voted for it last September. We are days away from signing the contract.”

To date, we do not have a signed contract to build the course, but as Remi mentioned we expect this to come very soon.

Lorne's article is here:

Robert Thompson also writes on the subject and goes on to talk about the potential Canadian Open in his blog.

That last remark is being a little coy. The plan is to have the 2017 Canadian Open at the course — at least assuming the television deal with the PGA Tour doesn’t alter the status of the Canadian Open too much and RBC stays on as sponsor. Those are big ‘ifs’ but appear likely at this point. No deal is in place between Laval and Golf Canada — but both sides are willing. Construction on the Weir course is proposed to begin this fall and be open for 2012.

Robert's article is here:

There is interest, but there is no deal. The rebuilding of the course is not contingent on holding the Open and that question has never been put to the membership.

I hope to return to a signed contract.  :  )

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