Monday, 4 April 2011

Template Sries - #11 Knoll

5th at Gleneagles (the ultimate knoll - 25 feet high)

There are so many great examples of this hole that there is almost no need to explain the hole. The concept is simple. The architect finds a prominent high point and places the green on the very top. The green area is then created by flattening out enough area for a reasonable putting surface. The putting surface is pitched hard towards the player and all sides of the green are left as sharp fall offs of rough.

The approach must be uphill from the landing and the knoll must stand up and out from the land around. I don’t believe a shot hit from the same elevation over a valley back and out to a knoll is the same style of hole. The uphill or even semi blindness is a key factor. I think the green should be at least ten feet above the approach shot because the player must judge distance “and elevation” on the approach.

11th at Essex County (hill on right is beyond hole)

From my own experiences the ones that I am drawn to almost all have rough on all four sides. There are a couple of fascinating alternatives presented by Tillinghast around New York that do use short in front. It does make these holes particularly menacing.
So how do I use this template?

This is certainly an ideal concept for a par three. The idea of a single shot up and onto a raised platform really appeals for the drama it holds. There exists the possibility of even creating a long hole as long as there is some realistic recovery options that go with the concept.

The best application appears to be the mid-length par four. I found the list of successful applications was so long that I could have listed twenty or thirty great holes. The one fascinating part of this concept is how most involve no bunkers. This is a great concept to incorporate when looking for a way to have a bunkerless green site. Adding bunkers simply adds to the drama.

I've seen fives like this, but I'm not as fond of the idea.
7th at Plymouth Country Club (350 yds. of nasty)


5th at Gleneagles (King’s Course)
7th at Plymouth Country Club
8th at National Golf Links
Winged Foot East
11th at Essex County
11th at Fenway
17th at Rosedale

The List:

#1 Riviera
#2 Redan
#3 Azalea
#4 Road
#5 Peninsula
#6 Serpentine
#7 Ridgeline
#8 Sideways
#9 Crown
#10 Table Top
#11 Knoll

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  1. I would think the 4th at Highlands Links would be another example. I can't wait to see it when you've restored Thompson's bunkers.