Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ireland - Day 1 - Dooks Golf Course

Dook's opening green
The Dooks Golf Club was our opening round in Ireland. The course was built mostly by the members over some terrific links land, but in recent times Martin Hawtree has been brought in to help modernize and update the course. Martin’s main focus was adding close to 500 yards.

I really enjoyed Dooks. The opening nine was definitely the strength of the course despite the fact that the holes run back and forth until the 10th along the ocean. What I really liked was the variety of ways which the holes attack the main hill to generate different hole types. There may have been no real standout holes among them but the sum of the front nine holes was certainly a fun and enjoyable experience.

The back nine was good, but just didn’t have quite the same charm for me. My companions did like some of the early and late holes in the nine, but all of us saw the nine being the lesser of the two.

One struggle I had from an architectural perspective was the green site shaoping. The green surfaces

The enertaining 6th

were usually very smart, but my issue often came in the areas beyond. Rather than blending into what was there, far too often these were respaed to create repetitive undulations and rolls. The impact was the course contrasted against the surroundings rather than blended. It’s certainly something I would have avoided at all costs.

The biggest issue I had with Dooks was the way they lengthened the holes. It always seemed to involve an extended walk back to find the tees. There were at least six long walk backs and the experience quickly became tedious. I would have enjoyed a shorter course with shorter walks.

I’m glad we played the course, it was fun to play

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  1. Hello Ian,

    Thanks for the memories. My wife Teresa and I were married in September 2006. Our honeymoon was in Ireland and Dooks was the first course we played. We frequently review the pictures we took of the course. The rugged beauty of the course, the mountains and hills in the background, the gorse, the pot bunkers - all great memories. We truly enjoyed Dooks and we certainly will play it again when we return to the Emerald Isle.