Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Highlands Links 8th Hole Bunkers

Picture of the approach bunkers at the end of the day

The plan is to get all the bunkers on the 8th hole done for this week.

We began by working on the two approach bunkers. Yes there were two. If you look left of the big bunker in the photo above, you will see it under the birch trees among the rocks and scrub Spruce. Those trees will all go very soon, although the Birch might wait till a bit later.

Jeff (backhoe operator) had the main bunker and eye bunker both gutted out in the morning. While we waited for those bunkers the boys (Dale, Jason and Greg) and I restored and finished the central aiming pot bunker by hand which provides the line for the critical feeder slope that can help you drive the green.

In the afternoon the boys finished what you see in the photo. I went back and forth between finishing the upper bunker and providing direction on the fairway bunkers. First we extended the right fairway bunker back to its original length. Then we used the spoils to fill in the middle pot which Graham Cooke had added. Then we extended the right upper bunker to match the photo and begun to use the spoils to fill in the lower left bunker Graham had added.

By the end of the day we had two fairway bunkers roughed in ready for finishing. We also had three bunkers ready for sod and one ready for sand. All we need to do now is restore the hidden cavern bunker right of the green along with the feeder slopes into the bunker.

The goal is all the bunkers on the 8th hole. My hope is to spend some time tweaking the Dragon and Fireball on the 5th. Perhaps if it goes really well a little golf one evening too ...


  1. Thank you and the course workers for the work you are doing to The Highlands Links. Love the fact the cavern bunker is going back. can't wait.


  2. Ian, the work you and your team have been doing is very exciting. Congratulations. Do you have an expected date of completion for all of the bunker renovations?

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