Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Links Magazine and Highlands Links

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"According to the course’s website, Thompson, who died in 1953, considered Highlands something of a tribute to the great courses of Scotland—blind shots, forced carries, pot bunkers, thick grasses—but it is not a links. Far from it. In fact, according to Graham Hudson, the affable operations manager (as well as head superintendent and just about everything else), the word “links” will be deleted from the official name over time, and it will be known as Cape Breton Highlands.

Hudson is also continuing a program of architectural restoration—overseen by Thompson expert Ian Andrew—to bring the course back to how it looked when Thompson designed it. That means clearing lots of thick spruce and other trees, enlarging greens, and opening up views, especially up to the mountains and out to the sea. The results so far are outstanding and there is more to do. It will be interesting to watch the original Highlands re-emerge."

I'm back there next week to work on the 7th hole. I will have golf writer Thomas Dunne along with me and for at least a day or two working as a member of the crew. This will end as a piece for Links Magazine which has taken a key interest in the work going on at Highlands Links,  er ... Cape Breton Highlands. The original name was Cape Breton Highlands Links, that's the one I always liked most.

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