Monday, 20 August 2012

Jason Logan, editor of Score Golf on Highlands Links

picture by Cynthia Andrew
The following is from Jason Logan, editor of SCore Golf Magazine's take on Highland Links in his latest post:

"Highlands is in terrific shape."

"Highlands is in terrific shape. I saw putts roll out past the hole that wouldn’t have done so two years ago and the bunker restoration drawn up by Andrew has the course looking both natural and vivid. I can’t think of any course in Canada that has better par 5s than Highlands, particularly the seventh, 15th and 16th. In fact in our threesome there were three different opinions as to which is the course’s best three-shot hole. (There are five in total.) I’m partial to 15 because of the ocean views and shapely greenside bunkering."

Here is the rest of the piece that included other comments on other courses in the area.

Click here for Jason's full article

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mike Hitting Shots at Laval

Shots from the 5th - 265 to carry the bunkers - which he did

Tee shot at the 9th

Remi Racine's approach to the 9th

The first shots were struck on the Blue Course on Sunday.
We all hit at least a couple of shots each with Mike and Grant Waite hitting the vast majority. We were all curious to see where the ball was landing and have a look at the progress of the golf course. I found I was more interested in observing the group after hitting a few shots myself. I’ll get a better opportunity to “test things out” late in October with the golf superintendent Luc Ladocuer.

Mike was in town for the Mike Weir Foundation’s annual fundraising tournament for the two local children’s hospital. This event is played in a different Canadian community each year and has raised over 6 million since 2004. This year’s event was played on the Green Course and got great reviews from the players and Mike. Next year the event will be at Hamilton Golf & Country Club. It was a great evening.
It was fun to get the reactions to the holes from Grant Waite, because Mike and I have certain ideas of how it “should” function, whereas Grant was a set of fresh eyes for us and he simply told us what he saw. He loved the green sites and thought the course would be fun to play, particularly when they firm it up for an event. He was fascinated by the idea of intentionally creating rhythms in the round. He and Mike talked about “how they would play the course” which was fascinating since many decisions were made to avoid the potential pitfalls knowing they could hit the longer approach with confidence.

In the end what they talked about was far more interesting to me as a designer than where the ball was ending up.