Saturday, 15 September 2012

Highlands Links Retrospective – Part 7 – Working on the Course

3rd this morning

Well I decided to work today … because. I actually raked every bunker on the course with Graham (and for the last three holes help from Dale and Greg). I spent the remainder working on the fairway bunkers.

We had a middle-aged regular golfer from the area hit behind where we were working today. When he came up I said it would be helpful if he picked up and played from twenty yards away to avoid hitting over us. He was twenty yards away from where Greg and I were working. Instead he hit the ball over our heads. 

6th fairway bunkers as of today
To which point I said, “Are you a complete asshole or what, you could have hurt one of us. ”

He replied, “That’s your risk for working on the golf course.”

Which I replied, “If you had any common courtesy or decency then the risk would have been a hell of a lot less.”

He then said, “I’m a lawyer and I know that it’s your assumed risk and not my responsibility.”

“You’re still an asshole, get out of my sight before I come give you a reason to sue me.”

7th this afternoon

I worked six days on the crew. You run the risk of being hit on a regular basis. Even I understand the risk. But people make it far worse than it should be by not simply moving over to avoid the staff when they can.

Most people are excellent, but there are lots of people who consider the golf course staff “the hired help” and show no respect for their well being. I thought golfers were supposed to be better class of people, but after this week I’m not so sure any more.

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