Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rick Young on Highlands Links

15th Hole from unusual angle
"Andrew has been instrumental in that process. The Brantford, Ont., course designer's focus (and passion for the project) since giving Parks Canada a master plan in 2008 was to return the golf course to Stanley Thompson's original design."

"If that's where the green was and that was the shape of the bunker that's what it is today," Hudson added. "Now all 18 holes are done. I've only been here five years but the difference between even three years ago to the shape and where the bunkers are today makes sense with the holes. The bunkering Ian's done is amazing. He's been so hands-on. He had a crew of five here and their work has been inspirational."

The crew of five includes me.... the boys were awesone, I think we did wonderes together with what little we had.

Here is Rick Young's entire piece on Highlands Links:

"None of this goes forward without Ian," applauded Hudson. "In our management scheme up the line not a lot of the Parks Canada folks are golf people but Ian has such a great reputation. He has an effective way of presenting things. Once he did they got it. When we sat with him and my boss's boss and Ian did his presentation he said, 'Wow.' He was on board. Ian's passion for this was huge."

None of this work goes ahead without Graham Hudson. He deserves all the credit for the restoration. He got the funding, which was much harder than you could possibly ever imagine. Kudos to the Park for coming through when things were at their worst.

The last work from Rick:

"Highlands Links is a special place. To me it's one of Canada's most significant golf properties, arguably Thompson's best work and a course golfers should have on their bucket list if not crossed off already. And despite the many questions and work that still remain, the golf course is at a point where I think Thompson would be proud of Highlands Links in its current state.
One thing is certain. The 'wow' factor has returned."

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