Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tom Peters on Highlands Links

Stan the Man at the 1st Tee
From Tom Peters review on Highlands Links:

"The course is in amazing condition thanks to Hudson and his great crew. They have put the time and effort into putting this little piece of Heaven into such fabulous condition. Kudos to Parks Canada as well for financing the work which has taken the last three or four years. It hasn’t been an overnight wave of the wand type project."

It's been a mixed bag of comments on the conditioning. Some understand the complications and see the improvement. Others compare it to courses in better climates with new turf and larger maintenance budgets.

"In addition to the great restoration work of Mr. Andrew, there have been a couple of other neat touches added to the course. As you approach the first tee you are greeted by Mr. Thompson, or to be more correct, a bronzed statue of the famous architect donated by the Stanley Thompson Historical Society. The other neat touch is a number of 1941 photos of the course showing what it looked like back then. The photos are mounted and being placed in their appropriate locations around the course. It’s the little things that add to the feel of the place."

I wish what had been started four years ago would simply be allowed to progress.

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