Monday, 10 December 2012

Interview with Buffalo Golfer

Turns out the interview was posted over a month back.

It can be found here:

an excerpt:

3. What are your favorite course/holes and why?


"Anything course full of choices stands out in my mind. St. Andrew’s remains the best example of what “most” golf courses “should” be like. The architecture is flexible. If you want to limit the damage you can tack your way around all the trouble, but if you want to shoot a score you must bring the hazards and complications into play to do so. The lower you try and go the more difficulty you will have to overcome. That is the ideal for “most” golf courses. The best examples of this type are St. Andrew’s, The National Golf Links of America and Royal Melbourne West.

I also admire courses like Pine Valley and Shinnecock Hills as the very best the game has to offer. Those two courses still possess the fairway width that allows players to try and play for a favourable angle or position. They are tough as nails in places but eminently. Where I struggle are courses like Merion, Bethpage Black and The Olympic Club where a great layout has been narrowed to a point where the brilliant strategies are lost in deep rough and the game is a one dimensional test of execution."

Laval-sur-le-lac Blue Course Retrospective Part 22 - 18th Hole

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Landscapes Article about Historical Golf Course Restoration

The article is by Cecelia Paine and Kristin Brown and talks about Restoration of Historic Landscapes using golf courses as the primary example. I'm featured ahead of the article on a small segment and then includd in the peice. The pictures are all of St. George's and Highlands Links, the best known of my restoration work.

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My Article in Golf Business Canada

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Laval-sur-le-lac Blue Course Retrospective Part 20 - 16th Hole