Monday, 25 February 2013

Architects in World Golf Hall of Fame


Those In:

James Baird
Ben Crenshaw
Pete Dye
Robert Trent Jones Sr.
Charles Blair Macdonald
Alister MacKenzie
Old Tom Morris
Willie Park Jr.
Donald Ross
Walter Travis

Those Not In:

HS Colt
A.W. Tillinghast
George Thomas
Stanley Thompson
Seth Raynor
Perry Maxwell
William Flynn
Charles Alison
Tom Simpson


Many of the list that are in the Hall of Fame because they made it as a players.

I was pleased to see Willie Park Jr. added this year, but once again this was because he was a great player too. I’ve always felt the Hall is very short of worthy architects. It's nice to see Pete Dye and Willie Park Jr. but neither of these men should have come before Colt or Tillinghast. I will quickly point out that Dye's inclusion - while alive - was very important and appropriate, but Colt and Tillinghast should have been there from the outset. It’s time for the Hall to right this wrong and at least bring those two in. Then they can begin the debate on the rest of the list.


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