Friday, 29 November 2013

Ian’s 2013 In Review – Part Four – In the Media

It was an interesting year for media coverage and the first section covers that off:

Video Interview – No Holds Barred - Frank Mastroianni

I not only enjoyed the whole interview, but I thought the piece provided a pretty good window into my history, what I think about architecture, some insight on projects, some ideas about slow play and finally where I’d play my final round …


Profile Piece – Conversations with Unknown Architects – Tony Dear

“What has been your favorite project to date?

The restoration of Highlands Links (an original Stanley Thompson design in Nova Scotia), a project that has become very personal. I think the work is essential for the good of the game since other architects can now come out and see Highlands Links in its original form once again. Each time I go to the course I put on my gloves and work boots and run the crew. Everything is done by hand and built by the people of the community. The whole project is all about the big picture, which is the economic survival of a small community.

How did you survive the economic downturn?

I have a small, very specialized niche business that is based out of my home. I'm very good at putting money aside during the good times to cover the quiet periods. My restoration work has remained solid throughout the last decade despite the ups and downs in the economy. I'm getting more and more calls from further away and that's a good sign that my profile continues to rise. I also get projects through the recommendation of my peers, so I must be doing something right.”

My Own Writing - Are your Bunkers too Perfect? – from Green Master

“I have spent the better part of the last two decades coming up with ways to keep bunkers playing consistently, avoiding contamination and getting the ball to the bottom of bunker for playability. While this may receive a resounding thumb up from golfers, I’m starting to wonder if I’m doing the right thing.”

I’m fully convinced that we got good enough at conditioning to screw up the architectural value, since 25% of a club’s costs go into bunkers, perhaps it’s time for a change of thinking…

Quote that Got Attention - Courses of Most Resistance – Adam Lawrence

In his excellent piece in Links Magazine he talks about how Minimalism had won the battle over Modernism. I found to my great surprise that I was featured as the last paragraph of the piece.

Canadian architect Ian Andrew, one of the golf industry’s deepest thinkers, takes an optimistically Darwinian view. “I think the economic troubles of today are good for the long term health of golf design”, he says. “With less work, there has been an essential thinning of the herd. The designers of the future have been reduced to a very small group. Only the best will manage to last and see the other side.” 

St. George's Hires Tom Doak and Ian Andrew as Consulting Architects – Brent Long
Tom Doak and Ian Andrew have been selected as new consulting architects for St. George’s Golf and Country Club.
The two noted architects are joining forces to work together for the first time and will be at St. George’s in the coming weeks to meet with club members as Doak takes on his first project in Canada.

“As part of our mission and vision of the club, we want to remain a top-tier golf course and for this reason we are evaluating all options with the new architect team to sustain and improve our world-class status,” says CEO and GM Joe Murphy. In 2013, Golf Magazine rated St. George’s G&CC No. 87 in the world, while in 2012, Golf Digest magazine ranked the course No. 10 in the world outside the United States and No. 1 in Canada.”


  1. Thanks for the mention Ian! Was a lot of fun and we still need to get out for a round....maybe we can meet up at Laval sometime next year.

  2. Ian,
    Thanks for taking the time out to put this synopsis of your year's work together.

    I also am impressed with the new layout of the web page. Well done.

    Cheers Colin