Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Last Blog Post

More time for Scotch Tasting 
I want to thank anyone who has taken the time to read through any of the articles found here.

I can honestly say the experience has been an excellent one for me personally. I quickly found out I would need to research every facet of golf architecture in greater detail if I was going to explain it to others. What an education that turned out to be. It eventually made me reconsider what I believed and in many ways provided the new foundation for a slightly different philosophy on golf course architecture that I strongly believe in. I tried to share everything that I knew, that I learnt along the way right up to the really subtle nuances that I felt could explain why certain holes stir emotions in us.

The Index of Articles can be found here

It was fun sharing this with you and now I set out on the next potential journey, putting that all into a book. I intend to do that online and will post a link when I'm ready.

Very Best regards,

Ian Andrew


  1. Thank you, you taught me much, also thanks for the work on The Highlands Links.

  2. Ian,

    Thanks for all the posts. I've been golfing for 15 years but only realized my passion for golf courses and architecture over the last few years - your blog was one of the main reasons for this. I've read every post over the last couple years - it's the best golf blog out there as far as I'm concerned.

    Wishing you all the best moving forward.


  3. Frank Mastroianni6 December 2013 13:02

    Ah now what am I going to read?

    All the best on a sad day for me.

  4. Ian,
    I can only second the above comments. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and will miss it. You manage to convey the intricacies, trials, tribulations and joys of the job very well. You have elucidated professional ideas and detailed personal reminiscences wonderfully. It has been a pleasure to log in and read what you have been up to. I particularly enjoyed your series on favourite architects and your template hole descriptions. I think I had better print them out!

    Thanks for all of this and I look forward eagerly to the book.

    Cheers Colin

  5. I will miss this blog very much and eagerly wait for your book. Reading your blog has made me look at golf courses from a different angle. All the best.

  6. Ian - thank you for the education you've provided us all over the past few years. I've really enjoyed visiting.

    Now, I'll just look forward to your book and hopefully, a round on the course in 2014. Happy holidays to you and your family.


  7. This blog has been most insightful and I will surely miss your analysis of GCA. Unlike golf club atlas, this blog is not predominantly US focused, nor is just guys posting the same stuff month to month. All the best with the book. If it is anything like Brad Klein's 'rough meditations' It will be on its way to my letterbox in no time after publication.
    Thanks again Ian for all your time working on this little blog.

  8. I appreciate the comments.

    It was a good run - fun at times - but there is a time to try something new - and that for me is now.

  9. Long May You Run Ian, a man among men ... I'm thinking. Since you've graciously posted so much for more than a few years ... I luckily have lots to read and mull over while your adventure journies onward. Many Many Thanks !!! For all you've done thus far !!! Keep On Keepin On. You Rock, Best of all to you & yours! Looking forward to whatever you write in the future. Rock On,

  10. I very much enjoyed your thoughtful, informed and entertaining comments, photos and stories over the past years and look forward to reading the book. Thanks very much for taking all that time to benefit the thinking golfers of Canada.

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  12. Ian, Came across you when researching more information on Charles Alison, the designer of Huntingdale Golf Club in Melbourne's sandbelt and original home of the Australian Masters. Enjoy your easy, plain language style. I would like to use some of your Alison material in the future so grateful of a contact email. Keep writing and best wishes John Lord, Australia

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  14. Always insightful articles. Keep it up!

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