Thursday, 11 December 2014

2014 My Year in Review – Part One - Ian Andrew Golf Design

New 15th at Islington GC

New Clients

Huntington Crescent Club (Deverault Emmet), Huntington, NY
Thorny Lea Golf Club (Stiles and Van Kleek)
Wheatley Hills Country Club (Deverault Emmet), Long Island, NY

Continued Growth in USA

My current growth is in the US. Nine of the last 10 new courses were American clubs with half of them being in New York State. The area of largest growth has become New York City. I’m thrilled that my name comes up for renovation or restoration work in the Northeastern United States. I continue to get new opportunities and even new architects to work with.

Master Plans

Thorny Lea Golf Club (Stiles and Van Kleek)
Quogue Field Club (Bendelow), Quogue, New York

3rd at St. George's mid construction


This was the year like no other, from May to October I was involved in the rebuilding of 59 greens! I don’t expect to see another year like it…

Islington GC – April - Relocated the 15th hole
Islington GC – May/June - Rebuilt remaining 17 greens and bunkers on 8 holes
Beverly G&CC – May/September - Rebuilt the bunkers
Pheasant Run GC – June - Rebuilt one green
St. George’s G&C (w/Tom Doak) – July/Sept – assisted with rebuilding 20 greens and 2 fairways
Maple Down G&CC – July/October – Rebuilt 20 greens, all bunkers and most tees
Cedar Brae – October - Rebuilt the bunkers on the 6th and 16th holes
Onondoga – October - added new fairway bunkers

Potential Projects for Next Year

Kawartha G&CC – Build two new holes
Penn Hills – two new  “Travis” greens
Oakdale – Relocate a hole
Laval – Rebuild bunkers on Green Course
Ashburn – Rebuild 8 greens
Knollwood – Rebuild remaining bunkers

New 13th green at Maple Downs

State of business

I had a really good year set in place from the outset.

I had one substantial project in the Fall with the rebuilding of greens tees and bunkers at Maple Downs. It was my opportunity to channel my inner “Raynor” and take a great property and solid routing and turn it into something even more substantial.

I also relocated the 15th hole green at Islington to address the safety issues of the adjacent road along with addressing the miserable growing environment. It was an excellent project involving everything from creek work to golf construction.

The third project was the rebuilding of the bunkers at Beverly Golf & Country Club. This project involved some relocation to make bunkers more strategic, better detailing for long term stability, but mostly removals and a style change designed to address the long term stability of the golf course.

But once spring arrived, everyone knew this was a winter like no other and the year went into overdrive. Islington was devastated and quickly committed to rebuilding their greens. St. George’s would follow soon after and I spent my year going from course to course rebuilding greens.

I won’t see another year like that. There are lots of potential projects on the books for next year, but nothing is set in stone. This is like most winters for me, no clarity, but I do know that clubs will move ahead with projects and I will fill a good portion of the year with planning and construction. I always do. Or I’ll play a little more golf for a change…

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