Thursday, 15 December 2016

2016 The Year in Review - Part 5 – Ian Andrew Golf Design

18th at Knollwood - what a golf hole!

So this is the final installment. Hope you enjoyed seeing the year through my eyes.


It was a great year for construction projects, but an unusually quiet year for planning. My work around New York City continues to grow and it’s become a major source of new work for me in the last two years. I do see signs of clubs becoming more confident and see projects beginning to start in other parts of Canada, but Ontario continues to be the laggard.

The Numbers


Miles Driven: 35,930 km. (not including rental car miles)
Flights Taken: 56 (similar to last year)
Total Miles Flown: 51,888 miles
Nights in Holiday Inn: 49
Rental Cars: 21

My Business

American Clients: 33%
American Income: 50% in 2016
Last 10 Clients: 9 of 10 are American Clubs
Interviews: 2
Clients from Interviews: 1
New clients: 4
Potential for 2017: 1

New Clients

  1. Ardsley CC, NYC – putting green project
  2. Edmonton G&CC, Alberta – Range project
  3. Pepper Pike Club, Cleveland – Restoration Master Plan
  4. East Aurora CC, Buffalo – Master Plan
18th at Laval

In the Field

Construction – Part One – Laval-sur-le-lac’s (Green Course)

I found some 1920’s aerials a few years ago and pitched my desire to take the Green Course back to its Willie Park Jr. roots. The club supported the approach and we began to return the grass faced bunkers and square green sites in 2015. We also rebuilt the 18th green, but I retained the steep pitch that was its primary defense. The work was finished in May and back in play for the Lesley Cup played at Laval this fall. Positive feedback from that esteemed group was appreciated. Work by NMP Golf

Construction – Part Two – Penn Hills Greens

The original nine is a compelling short course by Walter Travis featuring some very elaborate small greens. The back nine was done by Dick Wilson (much later) and does not have the same charm as the front nine. There were three greens that were too steep and we took the opportunity to use Walter Travis’s original green drawings for those holes to create three highly contoured Travis greens. The 17th might be the wildest green I’ve ever built. Work all done in August by Faery Landscaping

Construction – Part Three – Oakdale’s Thompson Nine Bunkers

I finally got a chance to finish the renovations on the Thompson Nine at Oakdale G&CC. The work involved rebuilding 7 tees and the remaining 21 bunkers. Some of the work was restorative, like the shared bunker between 2 and 8. But since the original course lacked the planned bunkers, most of the work was renovating the newer bunkers on the nine. The work was done by Flightline Golf and took place from September to the end of October.

11th Cedar Brae mid-construction

Construction – Part Four – Cedar Brae Bunkers

Like Oakdale, this was a chance to get the remaining bunkers renovated and finish what we started. Cedar Brae’s bunkering is grass faced and the work was done to create something much more sustainable and historically based for the long term. This is a good example where the bunker count was reduced and the maintenance eased in an attempt to prepare the club for the current economic environment. The work was done by KCM Construction and took place September till the end of October. The highlight was the change to the 11th hole.

Alison's 11th fairway bunker at Park CC

Construction – Part Five – Park CC Bunkers

The work at Park Country Club started in September and will continue into June of 2107. It was an opportunity to finish the restoration of Charles Alison’s Park CC. The upper holes were completed this fall and all the valley work will begin this spring. The work was done by Faery Landscaping. The highlights include the second landing on the 1st hole, the green side bunkering on the 7th and the restored carry bunker line on the 14th. 

Short 14th at Knollwood

Construction – Part Six – Knollwood CC Bunkers

I never thought you could restore all 19 holes worth of bunkers, build a new green, drain a fairway, add new tees and remove a hundred trees all in 10 weeks. The entire project got completed in the months of October and November and the credit goes the NMP Golf. I loved working on my first Seth Raynor course, having been such a huge admirer of his work, so I consider this one a special honour. The highlight for me was the work at the 8th green, which involved returning a serious kicker slope.

Construction – Part Seven – Wheatley Hills Bunkers

The club continues to plug along on an Emmet restoration. The bunkers were done on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 9th holes in this phase. The 3rd hole will become one of those transitions that you will need to see to believe. Work began in November and continues through into the spring of next year. Work was done by Geoff Porteus.

Construction – Part Eight – St. George’s 4th Green

The front of the 4th green was raised up on the left side to increase the available pin in the entire front of the green. Additionally, new bunkers Bunker were added into the major knoll short left of the green and on the left side of the green to replace the large Oak lost on that side. The work was done in early November by KCM Construction.


The Year Ahead – Part One – Sure Things

  1. Pepper Pike Club – finish up Legacy Plan this winter
  2. Park CC Bunkers – finish up the bunkers in April, May and June
  3. Pinegrove Bunkers - two greens to be bunkered this May
  4. Oakdale Homeniuk Nine – renovate bunkers & tees for remaining 8 holes
  5. Wheatley Hills – more bunker work on a few holes

Trump has alluded to the fact he may cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement. If he does, he will remove the way I permit to work in the US. This doesn’t necessarily end my work in the US, but it likely ends my ability to self-permit which kept my costs down for clubs I worked with.

Springdale by Flynn on the grounds of Princeton University

The Year Ahead – Part Two – Potential Projects

1.  Springdale, NJ – full bunker project
2.  Spring Brook, NJ – full bunker and green surrounds project
3.  Huntington Crescent – possible Master Plan

Final Thoughts

Ian Andrew@IanAndrewGolf Oct 28
The unsung heroes of all renovations are the ladies and gentlemen who spend their time on the smallest of details

I'm only as good as the people around me. To everyone I spent the year with ... THANK YOU 



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