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2017 The Year in Review - Part 4 – In The Media

see at: Joshua C.F. Smith‏ @joshuacfsmith

Best of Twitter

Images: Cavalier Golf Photos @LinksGem
Great images and insight into golf architecture

Golf Course History: Simon Haines @Hainesy76 
Full of surprises, great rich walk through the game and the greatest architecture in its formative years.

Tour Player: Louis Oosthuizen @Louis57TM       

Go see August 13th where he posts, “Just finished my career grand slam seconds … "I'll rise up" and then proceeds to sing along with the hit song.

Favourite Post: Cypress Canvas (in process) by @joshuacfsmith

Worst of Twitter

#WTF: Peter Kessler
One of the biggest surprises this year was Peter Kessler – and his quickly deleted tweets - going after Gil Hanse’s renovation work. It included shots at the very well received Winged Foot renovation and a whole host of other high profile projects. #Wow

Pot, Kettle, Black: Brandel Chamblee
Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee says “He blocks around ten people a day on Twitter and feels that it is interfering with the "civility" of golf.” This included Jason Duffner who told the talking head to “Shut the “F” up” when he made comments about his swing coach.

Put a Shirt on: Greg Norman
I don’t follow any of the players except a friend or two. And I certainly try to avoid golf’s creepy old man Greg Norman – seriously put a shirt on #WTF – but his wackiest moments are always shared for all to just shake their head.

My Own Twitter by the Numbers

I’m a fan of twitter and post pretty regularly. I love following a few architects, multiple golf writers and a lot of superintendents. It remains something I enjoy. I find the interaction has largely been enjoyable even when we don’t agree. Kudos to those in golf for “civility.”

Tweets: 2848
Following: 189
Followers: 2,290
Blocked: None
Best tweet: Favourite Ride at Disney. The adults only bar. Short line. No motion. Given a beer at the end.Cancel Saving... Save changes

In Print

Where Have all the Writers Gone?
Ed Sherman of Golf World wrote a piece where he quotes a series of writers. I thought these were quite interesting comments:

Selfishly, Harig says it is good for him and that there are far fewer outlets covering golf. But he doesn’t think it is bodes well for the overall game.”

“The hardcore fans know where to go if they want to get golf news,” Harig said. “Where you are losing out are the average fans who might stumble on a golf story in the paper. They might like that story and they become more interested in reading about golf. Without those stories, you’re missing out on that person.”

“Ferguson contends most of the younger players, who did not grow up reading newspapers, have little awareness of today’s media landscape. He tells of an exchange with Daniel Berger, who looked at his credential and asked, “Associated Press? So what’s that like, Bleacher Report?”

New Follow: Jason Deegan
Nothing beats a writer who consistently puts out interesting pieces and gets you to think around the edges of architecture and golf. Loved his piece on whether to use a par of 73 and then the examples he shares.

Howard Stern of Golf: Geoff Shackelford
I love Howard Stern, but only about 70% of the time. But he’s so good, that I still live with the rest of his nonsense to get to the best material. Geoff is like that for me. Brilliant, frustrating at times, but always worth a read.


Golfweek Architecture Summit

Golfweek presented this event as a chance to bring together leading designers of the most influential courses both new and restored.

The first panel featured Gil Hanse, Tom Doak, Kyle Phillips and David Kidd. This was fun because of the interplay. David is all in on the idea of making the game easy … I’m not … I think it may bring popularity to his courses, but that will also hold them back from reaching the heights of his peers. I still really like the middle of Bandon Dunes, never sure why he abandoned this tact… Davis was the most fun and most interesting of the four. Discussions were great … even better over beers together at the bar later that night.

May part featured myself, Andrew Green and Matt Dusenberry. I presented a Cape Breton Highlands (a pure restoration), Andrew talked about Inverness (a hybrid of restoration and entirely new holes) and Matt talked about an Emmet renovation (with no information) based entirely upon the greatest hits of Emmet. It was good, they were both long and we had little time for a good Q&A after (which IMHO would have been more interesting than the case studies).

On Video

Tarten Talks – Bunkers
Golf Course Industry – Interview by Guy Cipriano – January 2017
A frank conversation about the placement, construction and maintenance of golf course bunkers. Includes the commentary on why they are architecturally less relevant than in the past.

Capilano History
Stanley Thompson Society YouTube Channel – May 2017
A summary of my research on Capilano and proof the Hansen was wrong. Robert Trent Jones did not lay out Capilano.

Pulling off an impossible bunker shot
This 30 second clip was posted on Golf News Net – April 2017

New Books on Golf Architecture

I’m going to pitch my own book in this case. I plan to finish my book on the Five Great Commissions of Stanley Thompson. My goal is to finish the writing this winter and publish into the Spring Golf Season. Details will about how to get your own copy will come in the Spring. Work and work on the house have severely hampered any progress. I may not meet my own deadlines …

My Published Writing

The Decline of Restoration
Golf Architecture – Coming December 2017
This will come out in the next month’s magazine. It talks about the history of restoration, the move to hybrids of restoration and renovation and finally why the movement is inevitably beginning to wane in North America.

Hero Holes
Score Magazine – July 2017
There is nothing more compelling than taking a risk, where anything but you best may be disastrous. But the reward is too great to resist.

Looking Ahead To Portrush
Score Magazine – July 2017
A discussion about renovating iconic courses and the results at Royal Portrush.

Cape Breton Highland 1937-1941
Golf Club Atlas
The entire history from conception to completion. Shares everything from the multiple plans through to the horrible history of expropriation.

Articles About My Work

Knudson Nine at Oakdale G&CC undergoes Thompson-style makeover
Sean Dudley - Golf Architecture - November 2017
Transforming the third nine at Oakdale from a bad Pete Dye like nine through to a cohesive Stanley Thompson inspired nine. It’s all about balancing play and feeling like Thompson built all 27 holes.

Really old school
Guy Cipriano - Golf Course Industry - November 2017
The best insight anywhere on how architects research history and make their decisions on what to do. Knollwood CC provides the background to an interesting process.

Getting to Know: Ian Andrew, Golf Course Architect 
American Golfer – September 2017

I answer many typical questions about my past and the future of architecture, but the part I recommend is on what I think is the best hole I ever designed – 12th at Maple Downs

Renovated Knollwood golf course harkens to Bobby Jones' era
Michael Dougherty, USA Today
Another look into the process at Knollwood CC, but in this case its more about the club’s process and journey

What About Less?
Guy Cipriano - Golf Course Industry - February 2017
A great discussion featuring myself and Todd Quintino discussing whether we need so many bunkers and are they as relevant to what we do.

Knollwood completes Raynor/Banks restoration with help of Ian Andrew
Adam Lawrence - Golf Architecture - January 2017
A nice overview of the process and what was done in the restoration at Knollwood CC


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